Majority at Denver Republican Assembly votes to endorse Amendment 64

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Majority at Denver Republican Assembly votes to endorse Amendment 64

At the Denver County Republican Assembly last weekend, a majority of the delegates voted in support of a resolution to endorse Amendment 64, the 2012 initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol in Colorado.

This is a pretty significant victory despite the endorsement not being officially adopted as a plank in the party's platform (it received 56 percent but a 2/3 majority is required). Also of note, a 2/3 majority did formally adopt the position that medical marijuana is a 10th Amendment issue that ought to be handled by the states and not the federal government.

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol realed the following statement, and the strong showing of support by Denver Republicans was covered by The Huffington Post, the Colorado Independent, and Westword.

On the heels of the Pat Robertson endorsement of Amendment 64, it is great to see increasing support for regulating marijuana like alcohol across the ideological spectrum. It is impressive and encouraging that a majority of some of the most active Republicans in Denver voted to endorse the initiative. As more and more Coloradans see their friends and neighbors voicing their opposition to marijuana prohibition, we expect support for the initiative will continue to grow.