The initiative has qualified for the November ballot!

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The initiative has qualified for the November ballot!

The campaign received word today that the initiative to regulate marijuana like alcohol has officially qualified for the November 2012 ballot. That means in just eight months voters will have the opportunity to make Colorado the first place in the world to end marijuana prohibition and replace it with a legal and regulated marijuana market for adults 21 and older.

The news is spreading like wildfire -- stories from the Associated Press and Reuters news wires are up on newspaper websites across the nation, and the Denver Post and other Colorado and national media outlets are also on top of it.

The campaign ultimately ended up with about 90,500 valid signatures -- about 4,000 more than needed! This surplus was the result of a huge outpouring of support over the past couple weeks in which we collected more than 14,000 total signatures to cure the petition. Thank you once again to everyone who lent a hand by collecting signatures, signing the petition, donating, and spreading the word!

With the petition drive behind us, the campaign is ready to pick up the pace with its public education, organizing, and outreach efforts, and we hope you will stay in touch and get involved. Even if you do not live in Colorado, there will be a number of opportunities to help throughout the year. One thing you can do now to help spread the word is forward this news to others, post it on Facebook, and join the campaign on Facebook if you have not done so already.

With your help and continued support we will make history in Colorado this November!