Colorado makes history: A-64 WINS!

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Colorado makes history: A-64 WINS!

The results are in…and we've won! Colorado voters overwhelmingly approved Amendment 64 by a margin of 55-45.

That means once the results of the election are certified, marijuana will be legal for adults in the state of Colorado. This is a historic night that means a lot to many people.

Our victory means the end of over 10,000 arrests every year for simple marijuana possession.

Our victory means we've set our state's priorities straight. Colorado's law enforcement resources will shift toward fighting violent crime, while taxes on the sale of marijuana will go toward rebuilding our public schools rather than funding violent drug cartels.

Our victory means people who choose to use marijuana will be treated as law-abiding, tax-paying citizens, not as criminals.

And make no mistake: Our victory tonight will change this country. We have put a serious dent in the armor of our federal government's decades-old failed war on marijuana. Citizens in other states now know that if Coloradans can change their laws, they can too. Politicians are now realizing that making marijuana legal is in fact a mainstream, majority-support issue, and will begin to champion our position.

Today's results affirm that when it comes to marijuana policy, we've reached a tipping point. Every day, more and more people are joining our side. So long as we keep working hard and speaking out, we will win in more and more states and at the national level, too.